KoiZyme Water Conditioner

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  • The 16 ounce bottle treats up to 24,000 gallons.
  • The 32 ounce bottle treats up to 48,000 gallons.

This special formula of natural bacteria, enzymes, and micro nutrients has proven effective against Aeromonas and Pseudomonas. When initially treating, add KoiZyme every 3 days for a total of 3 treatments. For maintenance treating, add KoiZyme once a week. 



Apply 4tsp (20ml) of KoiZyme per 1000 gallons of pond water once every 3 days for 3 treatments.  Then apply 4tsp (20ml) of KoiZyme per 1000 gallons once per week for two weeks.

Maintenance application rate is 2tsp (10ml) per 1000 gallons once per week.

Dosage by water temperature:

50-62 :Double normal dosage

63-68 :1.5x normal dosage

69+ :Normal dosage

Turn off any UV lights for first 5 doses.



Questions about the KoiZyme Water Conditioner?

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