Ammonia Remover Dry

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Dry Ammonia Remover with ClorAm-X®

  • The 1lb size treats up to 3,760 gal.
  • The 5lb size treats up to 18,800 gal.

Removes & Detoxifies: Ammonia, Chloramines & Chlorine

  1. Understand your water quality
  2. Take ammonia Readings
  3. Follow Dosage Rates
  4. Treatment holds for 72 hours
  5. ClorAm-X® is completely water soluble
  6. ClorAm-X® is capable of being metabolized in ordinary biological filters
  7. ClorAm-X® can be combined with antibiotics and anesthestics
  8. ClorAm-X® can be used for the return of water, back to waterways
  9. Use a salicylate reagent test kit to determine total ammonia concentration

Dosage Rates:
For each measured, or anticipated, 1 mg/L total ammonia: 1 oz of ClorAm-X will treat 235 gals of water. It will remove 1 ppm of total ammonia, 3.2 ppm chloramines and 2.0 ppm chlorine.


  • 1 oz: 235 gal.
  • 1 lb: 3,760 gal.
  • 5 lb: 18,800 gal.
  • 10 lb: 37,600 gal.
  • 55 lb: 206,800 gal.

For total ammonia-nitrogen, multiply the above dosages by 0.8.

Questions about the Ammonia Remover Dry?

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