Microbe Lift Sludge Away

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Safe for Fish, Plants, Pets & the Environment!

Microbe Lift SA is especially helpful for ponds that have a rock or gravel bottom and other places where vacuuming is impractical.

For best results use in conjunction with Microbe Lift PL.

Microbe Lift SA:

  • is formulated specifically for the removal of organic bottom solids that are slow to degrade.
  • works faster at warm water temperatures however may be used effectively at any temperature year-round.
  • is recommended for use with all Microbe Lift bacterial and enzyme products.
  • provides "rapid & natural Muck settling in the pond bottom or trapped in filters; made up of many organic debris including fish waste, partially decomposing plant material, etc.sludge and muck removal"
  • binds phosphate
  • helps improve pond clarity
  • 100% active ingredients
  • disperses quickly
  • organic and microbial based
  • bio-degradable

Dosage Rates:

Size of Pond in Gallons First Application Maintenance (once a week for next 4 weeks)
80-2500 2oz per 100 gallons 1oz per 100 gallons
2501-5000 1.75oz per 100 gallons 1oz per 100 gallons
5001 and up 1.5oz per 100 gallons 1oz per 100 gallons