Pure Pond

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Beneficial bacteria and enzymes delivered in gel-like balls

For clear and healthy pond water

Breaks down organic buildup in the pond as well as ammonia and nitrites.

Helps maintain clear and healthy water.

For best results add directly to filter



  • 500ml treats up to 2600 gallons
  • 1000ml treats up to 5280 gallons
  • 2000ml treats up to 10,550 gallons


  • Add Pure Pond to your filter once a month, or as necessary, to help remove ammonia and nitrite.
  • Add Pure Pond when needed to improve pond water clarity
  • Add Pure Pond when starting up a new filter of if you need to increase biological activity
  • Pure Pond can be added to most pond filters.  Use a filter bag or similar if necessary.

Questions about the Pure Pond?

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