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Clarity-Blast The Ultimate Pond Cleaner

2lb: This container treats 16,000 gallons

6lb: This container treats 48,000 gallons

Clarity Blast breaks down organic debris with a powerful combination of bacteria, enzymes and a proprietary secret ingredient to clean waterfalls, streams, plant pots and filtration systems. With a patented process that combines bacterial cultures with natural extracts, Clarity Blast helps to remove and control the pond hobbyist's worst long term pond problems.

  • Cleans waterfalls, streams, and ponds
  • Removes Slimy Debris From Ponds, Waterfalls and Streams
  • Pet, fish, and wildlife friendly

Application Rate:
Apply 1 scoop ( 1 ounce) per 500 gallons once a week. If problems persist apply ClarityBlast twice a week at the prescribed rate until desired results are achieved.


Questions about the Clarity-Blast?

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