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Shop for a pond vacuum with confidence because we only carry quality —we proudly carry Matala and Oase pond vacuums. 

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  • PondoVac Classic at - Image 1 PondoVac Classic at - Image 2

    Oase PondoVac Classic

    The PondoVac Classic from Oase makes maintaining small to medium ponds easier by removing settled debris. Multiple Attachments For Multiple Jobs The PondoVac Classic comes standard with multiple nozzle attachments. Nozzles range from cleaning through...
  • Pondovac 5 at - Image 1 Pondovac 5 at - Image 2

    Pondovac 5

    Now even more powerful, the multi-function PondoVac 5 vacuum thoroughly and effortlessly removes debris and silt from ponds or pools, or from wet floors of any type. Thanks to the integrated wastewater pump the dirty wastewater can be optimally drained...
  • Pondovac 4 at - Image 1 Pondovac 4 at - Image 2

    Pondovac 4

    The PondoVac 4 is a robust vacuum that is efficient and easy to use. It features a two-chamber system that enables continuous suction. The PondoVac 4 works quickly and efficiently, its 1800W motor allows for robust suction. With a maximum suction depth...
  • Matala Pond Vacuum II at - Image 1

    Matala Pond Vacuum II

    Matala USA
    Good pond hygiene will reduce algae growth and improve your fish health. If you have debris building up on the bottom of your pond it may be time for a good pond vacuum. The "Muck Buster" Pond Vacuum II is a great tool to keep your pond in top shape. ...
  • PondoVac 3 at - Image 1 PondoVac 3 at - Image 2

    PondoVac 3

    Easy and Effective Pond Care with Continuous Suction The PondoVac 3 is the foundation for any avid pond owners care and maintenance routine. Not having to drain your pond to clean it is truly beneficial for your time and for the environment. ...