Ultra Bio-Media

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Ultra Bio-Media is a sinking media with a very high biofilm surface that is 3 to 5 times greater than other plastic media, such as bio balls, various mats and foams, beads, ribbon and brush type media, etc. Superior bacterial adhesion and colonization is achieved due to the surface texture and grade of plastic used. Additionally, beneficial bacteria is able to build up into a bacterial matrix due to the excellent interstitial spacing within the media. Under a patent pending process, Ultra Bio-Media is seeded with bacteria and barley to kick start the nitrification process and to contribute to the control of string algae. When using a swimming pool filter on a water garden, the Ultra Bio-Media makes a great replacement for the sand. Sand filters are usually rated by how many pounds of sand to be used. 100 pounds of sand is about 1 cubic foot. So a 200lb sand filter could use 2 cubic feet of Ultra Bio-Media.

Individual pieces of media are approximately 1/4 inch in diameter by 1/2 inch long.
Approximately 400 square feet of surface area per cubic foot of media.

1 Cubic Foot

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