Fiber Filter Media (Black)

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Approximately 1-1/4 inch Thick x 56 inch Wide cut to order (Black) Stiffer than the white media and longer lasting. (note: 56" width can vary, we have seen this as narrow as 54" and as wide as 60", but should be close 56"). 

This material can be cut with sharp scissors or utility knife.

The price shown is per linear foot. Enter the number of feet that you wish to purchase in the quantity box then click the "Add to Cart" button. The maximum for 1 piece is 20'.

Q. What is a linear foot?
A. A linear foot is the length of product measured in feet. In the case of this filter media, 1 linear foot would be 12" x (approx) 56". 2 linear feet would be 24" x (approx) 56" and so on.


TIP - When using this to replace an existing filter pad, lay your old pad over the media and trace it with chalk or crayon to use as a cut line.  Alternatively you can just measure the old pad and mark the new to cut to the right size.

Questions about the Fiber Filter Media (Black)?

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