BF1600 Atlantic FilterFalls

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What is a Waterfall Filter? (link opens in a new tab or window)

Atlantic's Filterfalls offers an easy and effective way to add a waterfall and filter to your koi pond or water garden.  This Filterfalls has exceptional strength and durability

Atlantic BF1600 FilterFall Features:

  • Rolled upper rim provides clean lines and incredible strength
  • Removable top grate & support bar allow natural rock camouflage
  • Includes 2 Bio-Tech filter mats and media bag for additional bio-media to be added (such as Bio-Balls) for exceptional biological filtration
  • Sturdy bottom grate supports filter media
  • Heavy-duty 1-1/2" FIPT bulkhead
  • One-piece liner attachment flange
  • Solid lip and molded-in inserts ensure a watertight liner attachment every time
  • Installation & Information Manual


  • Model: BF1600
  • Waterfall Width: 16" spillway
  • Dimensions: 21-1/2" Wide x 19-1/2" Deep x 17-3/4" High
  • Pump Flow Range: 1,000 to 3,000 gph
  • Bulkhead: 1-1/2"
  • Match to Skimmer (optional): PS3900
  • Other: Includes top grate



Questions about the BF1600 Atlantic FilterFalls?

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