Nexus 300 Automatic System for Gravity Fed Installation

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Automatic cleaning for your Nexus pond filter makes pond maintenance easier than ever. 

  • Converts any 300 series Nexus filter (made before 2006) into a fully automated filter
  • Control box operates the pumps and valves automatically
  • Adjustable timer to control the frequency of cleaning
  • Manual cycle cleans with the touch of a button
  • Manufacturer's Part #NEXUSAUTO320G
  • Instruction Manual

This system works on 300 series Nexus Filters installed in a gravity-fed system as seen in the following diagram:




Nexus Automatic Gravity Fed cleaning cycle:  

Adjustable timer kicks in to start a cleaning cycle.

Control box automatically switches circulating pump off.

The water level in the Nexus equalises.

Inlet valve closes whilst at the same time air is diverted from the outer bio chamber to the EAZY to clean the K1 Micro.

After K1 Micro has been cleaned, the waste valve opens.

Eazy is drained to waste and inlet valve opens for a final flush of the EAZY.

The waste valve closes.

Air is diverted back from the EAZY to the bio chamber.

Circulating pump is switched back on.

Nexus returns to filtration mode

Questions about the Nexus 300 Automatic System for Gravity Fed Installation?

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