Atlantic Skimmer- PS15000, 14" Weir

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Professional grade pond skimmer. Easy to clean. Keeps your pond cleaner and healthier by removing surface debris.

Skimmer Features:

  1. Sturdy removable top lid supports natural rock camouflage and foot traffic
  2. Heavy-duty brush panel provides maximum surface area for mechanical filtration
  3. Heavy-duty stainless steel framed trap net for catching large debris
  4. Rolled upper rim provides clean lines and great strength
  5. Super Flow weir door for maximum surface cleaning
  6. Gate Keeper brush panel (sold separately) allows leaves and debris to pass while restricting fish and frogs from entering the skimmer
  7. High-density polyethylene shell for the ultimate in durability
  • Weir Width: 14"
  • Dimensions: 28" W x 33" D x 31" H
  • Max Pump Flow: 15,000 gph
  • Sq. Ft. Rating: 1400
  • Filtering: net, brush panel
  • Match to FilterFalls: BF3800
  • Manufacturer Model Number: PS15000

Pumps That Fit Inside This Skimmer

Please Note: The following list reflects submersible pumps sold by AquaNooga that will physically fit into this skimmer. This does not imply that these pumps would be appropriate pumps for all applications, you also need to ensure that the flow rates fit the constraints of the skimmer after factoring in head loss (Vertical distance you raise the water above the pond surface plus friction loss)


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