PondTabbs PLUS

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60-300ct Pondtabbs Plus

  • Nitrogen.............10%
  • Phosphate..........14%
  • Potash...............8%

Feed your aquatic plants to maximize beauty and get the most from your plant investment. These plant food tablets were formulated to feed all pond plants while minimizing the releasing of chemicals into the water that would encourage algae growth. Safe for use with fish when used as directed.

PondTabbs Plus contain humates, a very high grade of humic acid complexes which are in decomposed organic material that is millions of years old and contains extraordinary properties that are important to plant growth. Humates have been added to the basic material in th PONDTABBS formula. After two years of testing, growers who have used PondTabbs Plus have been getting outstanding results and comment on the larger and more vibrant blooms, as well as, stronger plants and tubers. Essentially, these humates increase the availability of the nutrients in the fertilizer making them easier for the plants to take up. Creating natural microbial activity enhances plant development and resistance to stress.

Directions for use
Use one tablet per gallon of soil each month during growing season. Push tablet 1 finger deep into the soil, 3" from the crown of the plant. Press soil around the inserted tablet to prevent fertilizer from being released into the water.

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