Lifegard Aquatics

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  • 1 inch MPT Screen

    1 inch MPT Screen

    Lifegard Aquatics
    1 inch Screen with 1 inch MPT.
  • 1-1/2 inch MPT Screen

    1-1/2 inch MPT Screen

    Lifegard Aquatics
    1-1/2 inch Screen with 1-1/2 inch MPT
  • 2 inch MPT Screen

    2 inch MPT Screen

    Lifegard Aquatics
    2 inch Screen with 2 inch MPT
  • Lifegard All-In-One Double at - Image 1

    Lifegard All-In-One Double

    Lifegard Aquatics
    For up to 1500 Gallons The All In One Filter System completely submersible unit beautifies, cleans and maintains a healthy pond, Fountain or Water Garden. 13 Watt Ultraviolet Sterilizer with...
  • Pond Thermometer at - Image 1 Pond Thermometer at - Image 2

    Nycon Pond Thermometer

    Lifegard Aquatics
    This Pond Thermometer comes with a rope leash for easy retrieval. A pond thermometer is a very valuable tool. Knowing the water temperature of your pond gives you a better understanding of what is...