Lice & Anchor Worm Treatment

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Purpose: To treat diseases of fish caused by lice and anchor worms.

The 16 oz bottle will treat up to 4,800 gallons of water.

The 32 oz bottle will treat up to 9,600 gallons of water.

Directions: Dose at the rate of one fluid ounce per 300 gallons.Prior to the initial use of Microbe-Lift/Lice and Anchor Worm a partial water change of 20% is recommended. This removes pollutants for disease-causing organisms and will reduce the number of water-born pathogens.

For best results, perform three treatments one week apart with water changes prior to each re-treatment.

Contraindication: Safe for use on all ornamental pond fish, reptiles, amphibians and mollusks. Must NOT be used where crayfish and other crustaceans are being cultured.

Microbe-Lift/Lice and Anchor Worm is the most effective treatment for diseases of fish caused by lice and anchor worms. When used as directed, it will not harm biological filtration and may be used on scaleless fish.

Microbe-Lift/Lice and Anchor Worm may be used in any water temperatures above 40F.
It should be stored in the original container above 40F and under 100F. Do not store in direct sunlight. Do not allow Microbe-Lift/Lice and Anchor Worm to freeze.

Microbe-Lift/Lice and Anchor Worm is intended for use with all ornamental pond fish. Not for use with fish or aquatic invertebrates intended for human consumption. Not for human or veterinary use.

Anchor Worm
This photo shows an anchor worm attached to a goldfish.