Legacy Cold Weather Food

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In the cold weather during spring and fall feed your goldfish and koi this Cold Weather formula. When the pond water's temperature drops, the fish require a highly digestible cool-water diet. The cold water diet is made with lesser amounts of protein but contains wheat germ which is easily digested and also contains a higher level of fats. Feed Microbe Lift's Legacy Cold Weather food for improved water quality and fish health.

  • Contains stabilized Vitamin C
  • Content Details:
    • Crude Protein (Min.) 32%
    • Crude Fat (Min.) 7%
    • Crude Fiber (Max.) 5
    • Moisture (Max.) 8%
    • Ash (Max.) 8%
    • Phosphorous (Min.) 1.3%
  • Will not cloud the water
  • Pellets Approx. 1/8"

Setting A Whole New Standard...
It's not just a fish food, it's a complete nutritional feeding system!

A Scientific Diet for Fish

Microbe-Lift® / Legacy foods are made by the extrusion process - not pelleting. During extrusion the cell walls of all organic substances contained in the food are disintegrated under pressure. The nutrients hidden in these cells are thus easily accessible for digesting agents, resulting in much higher digestibility in an extremely low phosphorous content. This keeps fish waste to a minimum and helps to ensure superior water quality.

The concept of probiotics, or direct-fed microbials (DFM) began in the early 1950's when researchers observed a positive growth response in animals fed with antibiotics. This observation led researchers to theorize that intestinal microflora may play a role in health and vitality. Continued research has determined that a delicate balance exists in the intestinal tract between beneficial and potentially harmful bacteria. The balance of these two groups of bacterial is an important factor.

Microbial balance in the fishes' intestinal tract may be upset by a stressor, such as shipping, diet change, water quality/temperature change, environmental change, addition of new aquatic life, etc. If the intestinal population of beneficial bacteria decrease and the potentially harmful bacteria increase, it is possible to compromise fish health and performance. Additionally, koi and goldfish have no stomachs so it is important that enzyme producers survive and germinate in the intestine.

Ecological Laboratories, Inc. has specifically selected two strains of Bacillus (B. subtilis and B. licheniformis) for inclusion in all of its fish foods. These two strains have been selected for their efficient enzyme production and other metabolite-producing capabilities under intestinal tract conditions. These two strains have been tested for 1) Strain, 2) Efficacy and 3) Safety. They are F.D.A. (United States) and E.U. (European Union) approved. These strains were extensively studied and found to be non-genetically modified, to be genetically stable and to produce no toxins. Environmental impact studies were also done. Being a natural product, the two select strains pose no threat in any of the above areas.

The strains in Nature's Building Blocks™ were specifically selected from over 200 other Bacillus organisms using an extensive strain-screening process. The two strains were chosen for the following characteristics:

  • Spore forms so they would survive extrusion conditions
  • Natural nonpathogenic microorganisms
  • Utilized a large number of carbohydrates for their growth
  • Secrete a range of relevant enzymes (protease, lipase, amylase)

The strains in Nature's Building Blocks™ produce and secrete a variety of enzymes. These enzymes break down carbohydrates, proteins and fats into smaller, more easily digested nutrients. The nutrients are used for growth, health and vitality. This is especially important in fish that have no stomach and use their intestinal tract for digestion.

Please Note: In addition to the above, the Microbe-Lift line of Legacy Koi and Goldfish foods taste good! Just ask your fish!

Information on this page provided by Ecological Laboratories, Inc., maker of Microbe-Lift products.