Introducing New Goldfish & Koi to a Pond

Introducing New Goldfish & Koi to a Pond

We take steps to ensure your fish arrive healthy and are disease and parasite-free. However, anytime new fish are to be added to a pond, we recommend that you quarantine the new fish for a minimum of three weeks before you introduce them into your pond. Failure to properly quarantine may place your existing fish at risk from any health problems the new fish may introduce into the pond.

Please follow these directions carefully to acclimate your fish to their new home.

  1. First, do not open the bags immediately upon receiving the fish. Simply put the bags in the pond or quarantine tank and let them float for at least 30 minutes so that the temperature of the water in the bag can slowly adjust to that of the pond water. If the bag is in direct sunlight, drape a towel over it to prevent the bag from overheating.
  2. Make sure that the parameters of the pond water are acceptable for your new fish. Make sure that the water is dechlorinated and check the water’s pH, ammonia and nitrite levels.
  3. After the bag has floated for the appropriate amount of time, open the bag and allow a small amount of pond water into the bag several times over a ten-minute period. This will allow the fish to slowly adapt to the chemistry of your pond water. Take care not to allow water from the bag to empty into the pond.
  4. Gently remove the fish from the bag with a net. Place them into your pond, again being careful not to spill water from the bag into the pond.
  5. Do not feed your new fish for at least 24 hours.
  6. Koi may jump the first day when introduced to a new pond and should be monitored.

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