About Us

Who We Are

AquaNooga is a team of water feature experts dedicated to helping you get the maximum enjoyment out of your koi pond, water garden, or fountain. You get our years of experience to guide you through the design, installation, and maintenance so you can spend time enjoying the wonderful world of water features.

We serve the do-it-yourselfer, the professional landscape contractor, garden centers, and more. Our website is here 24/7 as an information resource as well as an online store for serving your water feature needs. Our physical store is located in Chattanooga, TN. We invite you to join us on social media, you may reach out to us anytime there or at any of our email addresses including

Our History

AquaNooga is the updated version of The Water Garden LLC, the first water gardening specialty store in Tennessee. The Water Garden was founded in 1987 by Randall Tate. The first few years found The Water Garden as one of the early innovators of the current water feature industry. Initially installing ponds and fountains and servicing customer through our physical store, we then quickly saw a need and became a wholesale supplier for other retailers and installers and then in 1995 jumped into the online world with The exponential growth of the online business and servicing customers well beyond our region left us stepping away from water feature installation to better focus on providing the services and products needed by hobbyists and professionals across the nation.

The Water Garden has always been a family business and Randall’s son, Erik gradually took over business operations. Erik started in the business as a teen and when Randall retired in 2016 took over more officially. In late 2018 it was time for some major changes. With a new location, new and improved website, and new name. AquaNooga was born and we continue to provide the best service and value possible. Backed by the same team of experts that thousands of clients had trusted for years. We’re honored to be your supplier and adviser to the world of water features and beyond. Thanks for visiting!