Fish Feeder / Viewer (2 Foot Diameter)

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This Fish Feeder / Viewer floats on the water's surface to keep floating food in a concentrated location.
Feeder rings are a section of tubing with connector to form a ring.  Rings are made wth black or clear tubing (manufacturer changes this at times)

Feeder/Viewer can also be used to keep floating plants together.


AquaNooga's Thoughts:  The Feeder rings are an easy way to contain floating plants and keep floating food from being pulled into a skimmer.  While it is possible make a similar item or use something like a hula hoop, the premade ring is easy and color is very low-profile. 


Image of Feeder/Viewer containing Water Hyacinth.

Questions about the Fish Feeder / Viewer (2 Foot Diameter)?

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