EcoBlox Water Matrix

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EcoBlox water matrix allows for thirty-one and a half gallons of water storage for pond-free applications, bog filters and water harvesting. Ships in 8 panels, slide and lock assembly required.

  • Holds 4 times more water than traditional gravel basins
  • Compression test held up to 14,466 pound load
  • 8 panel construction for exceptional strength
  • 1/2 inch x 3/4 inch hole size allows use with smaller gravel
  • Slide lock connection system
  • Dimensions: 16 inches wide X 27 inches long X 17.5 inches high
  • Capacity: 31.5 gallons or 4.3 cubic feet
  • EcoBlox Assembly Instructions (PDF this 275kb file will open in a new tab or window)
How many EcoBlox do I need for my pond-less waterfall? As a general rule of thumb you want your reservoir to hold at least 3 times the volume that could be held in your waterfall or stream when running. Example: A 25 gallon stream would need a 75 gallon reservoir. Or about 2.4 EcoBlox. Considering that you will have a pump vault as well, this means 2 EcoBlox would work.

EcoBlox cut-a-way

  • Manufacturer: Atlantic Water Gardens
  • Manufacturer Model Number: ECOBLOX
  • Questions about the EcoBlox Water Matrix?

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