What is the best pond pump?

When selecting a pump for a new pond or to replace a pump that has gone bad, you may ask yourself (or your favorite search engine), "What is the best pond pump?"  

There is no simple answer to that question.  While there are good pumps and there are bad pumps selecting the pump that will work best for you depends on the specifics of the applications.  So, the best pump is usually one that was carefully selected to work best in your specific water feature.  

There are many types of pumps, pump features, and factors to take into consideration. 

Some pond pumps are designed for high-head pressure situations, others for low-head.  Some pond pumps handle solid debris, others need relatively clean water.  Some pumps need to be serviced regularly, others can be virtually ignored.  Some pumps cost more than others to operate.  Some pumps cost less to purchase.  

Unfortunately there will always be trade-offs, to gain one benefit you may lose another.

Selecting the right pump and providing it with the proper care should mean years of service for your water feature.

For more on pump selection read our article or reach out to us for assistance.

Oct 07, 2022

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