Remember the Hose is Running!

Avoid disaster when topping off your pond.

Whether it is from normal evaporation, a leak, or a routine water change we all eventually need to add water to our water garden or koi pond to keep it full.

Of course, we always want to add a chlorine remover when adding tap water but today we’re talking about something far worse than the chlorine in a few gallons of water; Adding water to the pond and FORGETTING about it.

We've heard from far too many heartbroken pondkeepers over the years who were topping off the pond and left the hose running only to find it still running the next day. That chlorine often results in the loss of most, if not all, of the fish. Additionally this causes significant damage to the beneficial bacteria in the pond and the ecosystem as a whole.

When you turn the hose on the pond always keep some kind of reminder that your hose is running. Some common and easy options:

1. Invest in a garden hose timer

2. Set an alarm on your phone

3. Put a rubber band or similar on your wrist

Something this simple can make all the difference in the survival of your fish and the health of your pond.

If you've found this article because you just had this happen to you, the first thing to do is immediately put chlorine remover in the pond.  Even fish that look like they already passed may have a fighting chance.  Over the next hour or so evaluate the situation and remove any casualties.  Supplement damaged beneficial bacteria ASAP to re-establish the ecosystem as quickly as possible. Continue to monitor surviving fish as the stress and possible gill damage may make them more susceptible to infections.