10 Gallon Fabric Pond-Pot

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  • Better growth than plastic containers
  • Aerates the root zone for healthier roots
  • Flexible bottom contours to the pond
  • No sharp edges -0 safer for fish
  • Durable - will not rot
  • Fold down fabric to adjust height

These flexible porous fabric pots were designed to help aerate the root zone for healthier growth of your aquatic plants. The fabric can be folded to adjust the depth of the pot. The maximum dimensions of the container are 16" diameter x 11.5" deep. The fabric will not rot.

These fabric Pond Pots are also commonly used for growing herbs and vegetables. These larger sizes work great for tomatoes, potatoes, and peppers.

Great for water lilies and lotus!

The amount of soil required for the fabric pots varies due to the fact that the height of the pot can be changed by rolling down the sides. As a guideline this pot will require 55 pounds of aquatic soil if filling the pot completely. Rolling down the sides and/or mixing the aquatic soil with some top soil will reduce the amount needed.

The container you use in your pond will effect plant growth. Fabric Pond-Pots are the best aquatic growing container available. For the best results follow these guidelines:

  1. If needed, fold the fabric back and down to adjust height
  2. Fill your Pond-Pot about half full with soil. Pond-Pots work well with any packaged brand of aquatic soil, or any other "backyard soil". Do not fill with substances that will float when submerged
  3. Position the plant and continue to fill with soil.
  4. Saturate with water to remove air pockets
  5. Slowly lower the Pond-Pot into the pond by holding both sides
  6. Place the Pond-Pot on a relatively level surface

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