Goldfish & Koi

Goldfish and Koi

To most people a water garden simply wouldn't be complete without fish swimming through the water. Whether we keep fish for their bright shimmering colors, the movement in the water, or for the more practical reasons such as mosquito control, fish are an important addition to a pond. Some of us name our fish and care for them as we would any other pet.

Although it can be as simple as picking the fish that looks the prettiest, to the true enthusiast selecting a fish is much more involved. Considerations should be made when planning the pond as to what type of fish are desired. This plays a big role in determining the size of the pond and especially the filtration needs. Adequate filtration is very important when keeping fish.

The most common pond fish are:

Some people may choose from a few other fish species as well.

Keeping fish in your water garden does mean a little extra work. To a few this is a chore, but to many it is just part of keeping a beautiful and healthy pond.