Lifegard All-In-One Double

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For up to 1500 Gallons

The All In One Filter System completely submersible unit beautifies, cleans and maintains a healthy pond, Fountain or Water Garden.

  • 13 Watt Ultraviolet Sterilizer with separate 20 ft cord to be used only as needed.
  • UV Light Indicator to show when bulb is working
  • 2-Stage High Capacity Mechanical Filtration (2 types of sponges) to remove solids.
  • UV Light Indicator to notice if bulb is operating.
  • Quiet, Efficient QUIET-ONE PUMP with 20 ft power cord.
  • Water Feature Spray Attachment with Ball-Joint Leveling Device to keep spray vertical even when pond bottom is not level.
  • Biological Filter for Bacteria Growth.
  • Maintenance Handle provides easy access to remove from water.
  • Base Dimensions: approximately 16.5" x 15" x 9" high.
  • Manufacturer: Lifegard Aquatics
  • Manufacturer part number: R442002
  • Made in China

Lifegard All in One Pond Filter Maintenance ΓÇô Part 1

Lifegard All in One Pond Filter Maintenance ΓÇô Part 2

Lifegard All in One Pond Filter Maintenance ΓÇô Fountain Attachment

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