Carbon Pellets 5lb, 3oz

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MICROBE-LIFT/Activated Carbon maximizes the removal of contaminants, helping to keep water clean and clear. MICROBE-LIFT/Activated Carbon is a coal-based carbon for use in decorative ponds and water gardens. Fast-acting and highly-activated, it can be used in all types filters to aggressively eliminate: odors, discoloration caused by tannins from decayed leaves (tea colored water), organic debris pollutants, pesticides, detergents and toxins, as well as medications, without releasing phosphates or causing unwanted growth. Activated carbon attracts pollutants which “stick” to it like a magnet. Activated carbon can remove some chlorine and chloramines from city tap water. The amount of removal is based on the amount of chlorine/chloramines in the water and the amount of carbon used.

Activated carbon should be placed into a very fine mesh bag and will work best if put in the filter or where water will continuously flow through.

5 lbs. 3 oz. Treats up to 1,000 gals.

Manufacturer Part # - CARMD

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